America’s Cup World Series 2012

The Maison des Alliances is hosting several international events from workshops on dialogue and peace to seminars on protecting the environment, and from meetings between Heads of State and Government to those between young people.
Young people take centre stage in particular in relation to cultural and artistic events.

The spaces inside the Maison narrate its history, like the stage of a theatre which opens out before one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world.
On the occasion of the 2012 America’s Cup World Series, the Maison hosted numbers eminent personalities from different countries of the world as they took the opportunity of admiring
the sails of the catamarans in the Gulf of Naples.

During the 2012 America’s Cup World Series, some of the guests of the guests participated in Vittorio Di Pace’s (known as the dean) 105th birthday celebrations.

From left: Norberto Salza, Pia Molinari, Piero Petrini, Marisa Maurito, Anna De Paola, Michele Di Gianni, Michele Capasso, Caterina Greco, Vittorio di Pace, Antonio Acocella, Fabrizio Mangoni, Pino Blasi, Alessandra Salza, Edith di Pace, Madelin Alonso, Massimo Lucidi, Claudio Azzolini, Bernardo Barbarotto.

The America’s Cup World Series 2012 from the Maison.