“Admiring the colours of the sea from a late nineteenth century abode presents one of the most suggestive views of Naples and the entire world.
From the entrance, with its sumptuously restored columns fully reflecting the style of that period, you are immediately captivated by the emotion that fills the rooms as they gradually reveal their carefully chosen and discreetly exhibited objects.
The masterful hand-restored stuccos surround the “Totem of Peace”, a sculpture by Mario Molinari, whose use of pure colours is one of the distinctive features of this mysterious Maison. The pleasure of light that is captured by the large windows welcomes the suggestive and visible presence of the sea into the Maison, framing its spaces with natural balance and harmony.
These are unique spaces where you live between culture and technology in consummate freedom.

da “Maison des Alliances – Casa Mia Decor” n. 52, maggio 2000